Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Supper Clubs Around the Country

The recent restaurant take-over by occasional and underground supper clubs is the most exciting thing to happen to food and dining in decades. Discover the magic for yourself, or better yet, start your own. Below, I have started a list of supper clubs and will continue to add to it.

: Primers on underground dining
Deep Dish Dreams
Ghetto Gourmet
Solo Dining

Atlanta, GA
Rogue Apron

Austin, TX
Supper Underground

Boston, MA

New York City
The Whisk & Ladle

Portland, OR
Plate & Pitchfork

Sacramento, CA
The Hidden Kitchen

San Francisco
Cook With James

Seattle, WA
Gypsy Dinners

If you host an underground supper club or know of one, or are starting one, please let me know and I'll write about it at Meal by Meal.

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