Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recipes for Health

For years, the New York Times was delivered to my doorstep, and I consumed each of its sections with voracity. But then life got busy and the budget tighter, and like many Americans, I started reading different, more alternative news sources online. I canceled my subscription to the Times.

But still, on Tuesdays, I log in to check out the Health section--to my mind one of the most hopeful and uplifting sections of the venerable institution (see its many articles on the benefits of wine and coffee!). My recent obsession is the Recipes for Health.

Today's recipe is a Spanish Romesco Sauce
A rich, nut-based sauce, it can be served with fish or veggies, and makes a perfect kid/parent dinner. A little Tilapia, sauteed in olive oil, served plain for the kids, and with the sauce on the side for the parents. Totally healthy and a bit decadent--which is exactly the type of recipes I'm looking for these days. Enjoy.


  1. If Spanish Romesco Sauce is for Sauce, I would go for butter. However,olive oil is also a great alternative. Those who love the prepare smell of olive oil can also use olive oil in Sauce.These nut-based sauce looks truly succulent.The Photos are amazing... I am already feeling hungry.

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