Saturday, January 3, 2009

Financially Crafty

I am forever falling in love with blogs. Every other day I discover another online journal that inspires me with its authenticity of feeling, and a real sense of place and time--and individuality that is often missing in more professional media. My latest crush is Udandi & the Craft of Money. The brainchild of crafty lady Udandi, the blog features tips, essays and great advice for living the crafty life, on a budget. Find recipes, furniture make-overs and financial advice from this Cincinnati gal.


  1. Jean! We've met online before, sorta, you sent me your book because I was hosting a craft party. The photo of my friend reading your book is still posted at GetCrafty (if this link works):

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog, I can't wait to look through yours!

  2. Udandi is my sister and she is forever inspiring to get off my own crafty a$$ and get going! I have two little ones at home and work full time so don't have much time except for what I really love which is scrapping. However my kids and I have been the lucky enough to receive some Udandi originals and will always hold a special place in our lives. Thanks for profiling her!