Friday, April 27, 2007

Most Recent Tally

I realize that I have not updated my count of dinner parties. My weekend of three dinners in a row has left me not only 3 pounds heavier and a bit bloated, but with a bit of a conundrum. Only one dinner was properly planned, and again it happened on a Saturday, not Sunday as my original quest had outlined. I am considering changing this part of the challenge. Entertaining with two little kids is hard enough; I don’t think a day of the week restriction is realistic. But the vibe of Sunday, the relaxed, shoes off, family aspect must remain. An almost religious attempt at community has to be central to this challenge, even though I don’t believe in god. If there is anything I do believe in, it’s the power of food, served any day of the week, in a thoughtful way and shared with others in an act of friendship. Sunday was merely a metaphor for this aspect of my quest. Screw Sunday.

The other issue I have in defining the parameters of this challenge is whether I am required to cook. My most recent dinner party fed four children and five adult––on a Sunday no less––but we ordered in Indian food. Although I am tempted to count this dinner, I think cooking must be a requisite for a dinner to count. So the ordered-in dinner will not count. This leaves my current count as the following:

Three dinners served
Twenty-two more to go

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