Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Gift from the Trash Gods

In our apartment building, kids leave their unwanted toys in the lobby for other children to pick up. Sometimes its pure crap--dirty stuffed animals and the like--but then an item of such worth and allure will be left, like a working R2D2 Robot, along with a manual, or a large transformer, that our boys will be psyched for weeks. We have also found great toys left curbside in front of our building, or on the streets in Soho. Having found so many wonderful things in this manner, we've developed a name for it: the trash gods.

Now when the boys want something they see on TV, they say, "maybe we'll get it from the trash gods." If only they would be happy with crayons and paper...then I could really feel superior.

Anyway, both Stephen and I have a passion for trash digging, and now we have spread our disease to our children. So I was especially pleased to find this new blog called Trashcollector. Astrid, a Dutch crafty gal, writes about frugal living and giving unwanted stuff a new life in this inspiring blog. Taking apart items from the trash, she makes new items out of them and sells them in her etsy shop. Too cool.


  1. nice blog- Congratulatios!!

  2. Actually Jean, somewhere on my blog I have spoken about 'The Gods of the Curb'. Too funny.
    I'm thrilled to have (re)found you and found a fellow rescuer in you. Thanks so much for the feature!


  3. That's awesome!

    I drive my friends bonkers calling dibs on clothing. Not for me to wear, but because they're not as resourceful to reuse or donate the pieces, so I figure I should let them know I'll give it a good upcycle :)