Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dinner for 25

After an extended hiatus, I am once again entertaining. We have invited all the families we know to come to celebrate Halloween and go trick-or-treating in our 30 story building.

Steve wanted to just order pizzas...but I just couldn't bring myself to serve it. Not that I don't love a good slice, but not for a party. So, I'm slow-cooking a large chunk of pork shoulder dusted with cumin to shred for tacos. I'll serve it with corn tortillas and a fresh salsa. For the vegetarians, I'm boiling up a huge pot of black beans, and doing butternut squash cut into chunks, roasted with a fennel-oregano rub. I also ordered samosas, phyllo squares and those little franks in blankets from Fresh Direct.

It's 9am. I have to finish an article, clean the house, cook all the food and pick up the boys at 3:00pm. Triple espresso here I come.

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