Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back Home & Busy: Calls for Simple Pleasure

It's actually wonderful to be back in NYC. The crowds, the excitement, the fashion. Walking everywhere. Picking up ingredients for dinner on the walk home from work. Wearing high heels and a good outfit to work. It's the little things, no?

We arrived home late Sunday evening and I went right to work, doing a freelance full-time writing gig for the next two weeks. I'm writing beauty copy for a fancy face cream and fragrance descriptions and online copy for a perfumery. I'm sad not to have time to go to the farmer's market, but I'm happy to have income.

Tonight Steve and I, both exhausted from work, threw together a quick meal--pan-fried pork tenderloin, which was frozen in a maple/mustard marinade, corn, stripped from the cob and sautéed in butter with salt and fresh pepper, and steamed broccoli with soy sauce. Simple food but the kind I love on a weeknight. I'm such a fan of the protein and two sides.

The wine, a french white crisp with a nice finish and lots of minerality, tasted so good when I sipped as I cooked, winding down from the day.

At dinner we raised a toast to my dear little Sebastien, who just started preschool. Steve and I dropped him off yesterday morning without a fuss and he's so proud of himself to be there. He is no longer my wee baby. Sigh.


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